Not every creator has your best interests at heart. When it comes lớn bullying, harassment, and other harmful acts, here’s how to report irresponsible channels.

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Reporting a YouTube channel is no fun, but it’s necessary when a creator is irresponsible on the platform. Whether they’re posting abusive content or harassing someone (possibly even you), it makes YouTube less enjoyable. After all, you came for laughs và community – not mudslinging.

But reporting a user is serious. You want to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons & not because the option exists.

Here’s why most people flag a channel on YouTube:

Report spam or abuseReport a nhái YouTube tài khoản or channel impersonationMake YouTube aware of inappropriate contentReport harassment on YouTube (or bullying)Stop the spread of misinformation/disinformation

How to Report a Channel on YouTube

Rather than flagging individual videos, you can report users on YouTube by visiting their channel homepage. Here’s how:

Log in to lớn YouTube và find the channel you need lớn report.Click About on the channel navigation tab.Under the stats column, click the YouTube report button (flag icon).Select a reporting option from the drop-down menu: block user, report channel art, report profile picture, or report user.Continue filling out the size to finish the report.

Unfortunately, you can’t report a YouTube channel on mobile. You’ll need khổng lồ find a desktop computer & complete the steps above to file a report.


How to Report YouTube Videos

If you need lớn report a đoạn phim (not a channel or YouTube user), follow these steps:

Click the menu icon (three horizontal dots) below the video clip you’re watching.Click Report.Choose a reason for reporting the video: sexual content, violence, abuse, spam, misinformation, bullying, etc.Continue filling out the size to finish the report.

Do you need khổng lồ flag a YouTube đoạn clip using your smartphone? Here’s how:

Find the video clip you need to report.Tap the video frame, then tap the gear symbol that appears. Select Report.Select a reason for reporting the video.Tap Report.

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FAQ: Is Reporting a YouTube bình luận Anonymous?

Yes! According to lớn YouTube, no one will know you’ve reported a comment. The same goes for videos, playlists, thumbnails, live chat messages, channels, và links.

To report a YouTube comment:

Click the three dots to the right of the message and select Report.Choose a reason, such as misinformation, hate speech, spam, or abuse.Click Report again lớn finish the form.

You have the right to report comments, but be careful what you mark as spam on YouTube. You might get banned from the platform if you misuse the feature.

Does YouTube Reporting Work?

The reporting system works well enough, but that doesn’t mean YouTube removes every piece of nội dung someone reports. First, YouTube reviews the nội dung to see if it violates community guidelines.

If it does, YouTube will either:

remove the nội dung from its platformrestrict the nội dung to mature audiences

Also, try khổng lồ avoid thinking, How many reports to take down this YouTube video? According to YouTube, no amount of reporting will make a difference if reviewers don"t see a violation.

Reporting users is a bit of a downer, so let’s brighten things up with a better YouTube task: making friends.