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----------------------------------------An island nation huh? Fascinating. Gotta say though, the Mink tribe characters are kinda interesting, at least by their characteristics và skills so far. But then again, I don"t think we"ve seen anything yet. And are those Nami"s clothes? :o
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Robin continues being adorable. Love how she was cheering on the dragon like that.RIP Dragon. So many feels! Love how Robin was putting some flowers on it"s "grave".For a second I actually thought that was Nami...Let the furries arc begin!
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Robin even cried for the dragon O_oHoly shit XDLoving Zoro and Law being totally in sync.So did Nami eat a zone or sth lolIt may be another new character with Nami"s clothes but those curves are totally Nami"s curves. I can recognize them even after 2 yrs of Dressrosa :P
The island looks pretty cool. Interesting to lớn see a whale tree.Love how everyone is cheering on the dragon lớn get khổng lồ the top.Robin crying & leaving a flower behind. SO damn cute.Get to lớn see some of the Mink tribe.So did Nami turn into an animal or did her clothes get taken?
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what Robin moved to tears?! she even laid out some flowers lol.So it looks lượt thích it wasn"t the armies hideout? some sort of animal tribe robbed nami of her clothes !
Zoro và Law no mercy lmao, though it"s hard to disagree with them.So far this arc has given me the vibe I got from Skypiea, and Dressrosa was pretty similar khổng lồ Alabasta... GODA please.
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Zoro got rekt by Carrot = best part.Nice mix up chapter. Loving the desing of Zou and everything about it. The Minkmen also seem very interesting & not as boring/annoying as Tontattas..lol
Robin. Crying over a drawing just like a mother would when she lost her child.Can"t wait to lớn see what"s going on there và hopefully Sanji và co next chapter.
lol Robin"s reaction was epic .............kinemon and kanjuro got trolled really hard ...............the Island looks epic và it"s in ruins, maybe Kaido or his troops did that .................and Mink girl wearing Nami"s clothes nami naked *instant nosebleed*..........overall a great thiết lập chapter for the rest of the arc
So EVERYTHING on this island is an animal? Including the island itself. Was Nami turned into an animal as well?? So many questions .-.
I didn"t think that i would see a ninja like this.. He"s from minkman tribe... Damn u oda getting our hopes so high.. Introudcing ninja"s.. Now dis...but oda this is totally unexpected man
For a moment, I thought it was Chopper that was falling down from the top. Anyway Robin was so cute in this chapter và RIP Ryuunosuke :(
what a let down chapter wanted lớn see dragon vs blackbeard crew :(robin is so xinh tươi though & zoro & law dont give a shit about the dragon and im with them~~the minkmen tribe are interesting zoro was about khổng lồ get owned~~namis clothes? why? what happened? is she naked now~~ humm
Well, it escalated pretty quick but it"s too bad that we only got a glimpse of the ninja.And Nami already change her clother the last time she"s on screen, and that"s just explain why. So even though it"s sucks but Nami isn"t naked right now.
Zou looks like an interesting island, so I"m looking forward to this arc. I doubt that was actually Nami at the end, her clothes were most likely taken or something or else she most likely would have recognized Zoro and the others (unless she was turned into an animal và somehow lost her memories of them). I"m assuming we"ll probably see her & the rest of the crew soon though. & Robin was funny in this chapter with how she cheered the dragon & how she reacted to lớn its "death" (but I was lượt thích Zoro and Law, I didn"t care lol).

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As much as I would have liked khổng lồ see that, we"ll probably end up just seeing the aftermath of that encounter. I"m still hoping we actually do get lớn see this though.
tr1ckst3r said:And Nami already change her clothes the last time she"s on screen, & that"s just explain why. So even though it"s sucks but Nami isn"t naked right now.
Oh hey, you"re right about that. I went back to lớn chapter 795 to check that and she is indeed in a different attire. It also was neat to lớn go back khổng lồ that chapter & see the other Strawhat members remark about Zou"s "ground" being hard to run on as well.
Not too much happened in that chapter .. Last chapter had so much crazy stuff so it isn"t surprising we get a chapter like this I suppose. I wonder what wrecked the city up like that. And why the mink girl seems to be wearing some of nami"s clothing huh...
tr1ckst3r said:And Nami already change her clothes the last time she"s on screen, and that"s just explain why. So even though it"s sucks but Nami isn"t naked right now.
Oh hey, you"re right about that. I went back to chapter 795 to kiểm tra that & she is indeed in a different attire.
So...no information about real Mission Kanjuurou and Kin"emon were. Lol, that Dragon....and were they captured already?.....THIS...LOl!! there is scenes where I cry when read this Manga..but that dragon disappearing seriously wasn"t one of them! Why the hell did ROBIN started khổng lồ act like Luffy & Co.Mink Tribe..literally is Minks...wait what...Nami"s clothes?
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Um, Nami already wore other clothes at the kết thúc of Dressrosa (that epic frilly đồ lót top and shorts, remember?), so I can"t fathom how the heck Mink-lass ended with her first post-timeskip outfit. Probably for the sake of uniqueness, as her green nội y and jeans are now considered her "default" outfit. If it wasn"t timeskip, Mink-lass would probably wear her orange-brown skirt and white vị trí cao nhất with xanh stripes from Buggy arc, even if it"s 700 chapters since she wore it last time.But I digress. Robin won this chapter (again) and heck, vị I love first chapters of new arcs, because everything is new & whoo-hoo, yippe-ya-yay! khổng lồ be honest I got some serious Skypiea vibes here because of similar jungle/ruins terrain. I"m glad that we went from urban Dressrosa to more natural environment. Straw Hats visit Discworld (kinda), that"s cool.