The drama continues in episodes 9 và 10 of Moorim School, with Chi-ang in the hospital after being injured in the previous episode. Shi-woo saved Soon-deok và they meet Sam (Samuel Okyere), the security specialist for Moorim, & Soon-ah at the hospital. It’s decided that Soon-Deok and Sam will stay with Chi-Ang until he’s able lớn return to lớn Moorim. Meanwhile, Wang Hao’s cronies are attempting to ensure that Chi-Ang doesn’t find out that his father ordered the kidnapping of Soon-Deok while also trying khổng lồ make sure Chae Yoon doesn’t remember that the person who put him in a coma is Hao.

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Here are the most important revelations from these episodes (spoilers):

Chae Yoon and Dean Hwang Moo-song used to lớn be best friends & rivals before Chae Yoon was attacked by Juk Poong, a secret society within the Moorim Association, 18 years ago.Shi-woo và Soon-ah are siblings, but neither have realized it yet. Shi-woo is also beginning lớn remember his past, bit by bit, in his dreams. Shi-woo was saved by Soon-deok’s father and this is connected to Soon-deok’s father losing his eyesight and his hesitance to lớn allow her to attend Moorim. He subsequently finds out that she’s been secretly attending Moorim. He forbids her from going back, causing the dean & Shi-woo khổng lồ come and try khổng lồ convince him to let her come back. The dean also approaches Shi-woo about potentially being his successor lớn Moorim Insitute, and when Chi-ang finds out about this, it causes further tension between the two friends.Moo-song seems to lớn suspect Bubgong, the meditation professor, for the kidnapping attempt while Bubgong continuously tries khổng lồ force Moo-song’s hand, even revealing that the Chintamani, the mysterious treasure, is real to everyone at the school.Chae Yoon continues to tìm kiếm for answers about the incident 18 years ago, but every time he gets close to answers, anyone able lớn help him has either disappeared or dies mysteriously right before meeting with him.The school is in a frenzy because of the Moorim Competition that not only is the students’ finals but a competition open to alumni. Moo-song seems to lớn believe that it will help draw out their enemies & make it easier lớn combat them. In order lớn help the students prep for the competition, Moo-song asks one of the professors khổng lồ bring in a new professor to help out. It turns out this professor is an alumni who Moo-song originally asked khổng lồ help protect the Chintamani.Once Chi-ang recovers, he’s informed by one of his father’s associates that he won’t inherit the company unless he becomes the đứng đầu student at Moorim Institute. This fuels him to lớn start training harder & becomes callous khổng lồ everyone else. He also vows to lớn Soon-deok that he will become stronger so that she will fall in love with him, but it feels like he doesn’t believe his own words. Chi-ang also investigates an affiliate to his father’s company since it was their building that they took Soon-deok to. This causes him to lớn begin to lớn suspect his father of being involved with the kidnapping.

Once again the writers of Moorim School produced two jam packed episodes. It’s become darker with the conflicts between students starting to collide with the conflicts concerning the Chintamani và Juk Poong. Since the situations have become more tense, it’s only appropriate for them to adopt this darker tone. The mildly campy & playful moments that Moorim School frequently had in previous episodes have lessened lớn the point that it feels lượt thích we may no longer see them.

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These heavier tones are most prevalent in scenes between Chi-Ang & Shi-Woo. Since Chi-Ang was previously a comedic và light-hearted character, seeing him be serious và angry reinforces the shift in the show’s attitude. Hongbin does his best lớn convey the anger & struggle that is simmering just beneath Chi-ang’s surface, and for the most part he succeeds. Lee Hyun-woo continues khổng lồ shine as Shi-woo, expertly portraying his struggle between being a good friend to Chi-ang và his developing feelings for Soon-deok. The only weak spot is when he’s trying to show Shi-woo’s resolve khổng lồ confront his past. It just is not convincing enough that Shi-woo truly wants lớn learn about his past; maybe Hyun-woo is trying khổng lồ convey being at peace, but it unfortunately doesn’t quite work for the show.

The writers have so far maintained the quality of writing and pacing from previous episodes, though episode 10 felt more rushed. They are approaching the over of the drama & there are still many questions that need khổng lồ be answered. While they answered a few questions in these episodes, they also introduced new ones. Is Bubgong actually on the same side as Moo-song or is he playing both Moo-song and Wang Hao? How exactly did Soon-deok’s father thất bại his eyesight và will seeing him help Shi-woo remember more about his past? It will be interesting to lớn see how they manage lớn explain all this in the remaining 6 episodes without sacrificing the show’s standard. There is a lot that needs to lớn be resolved, & they certainly have their work cut out for them.