Who is Lee Jong-hyuk?

Lee Jong-hyuk is a popular South Korean actor. He’s thought of as a perfect husband and a perfect father figure in Korea, even though he never actually talked about his wife or his family until his career skyrocketed. People have had a lot of time to start to get curious about who his wife is.Bạn đang xem: Choi eun

In this article Channel Korea will let you know about Lee Jong-hyuk’s wife and family in complete story!

Lee Jong-hyuk’s Wife



Lee Jong-hyuk married Choi Eun-ae in 2002. He revealed the information in an episode of the KBS Talk show ‘Win Win’, saying that he dated his wife for 6 months, before he married her. It was when he was 29, and still a theater actor, so he didn’t have much money.

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He said, “I didn’t have much, financially, but I didn’t want to lose her so I rushed the marriage.” Back then, he received $50,000 from his parents and, after much difficulty, found a house. He also added, “After getting married, I had no income, so I borrowed money from my friends who had steady jobs. Also, for 6 months he was unemployed and lived off his wife’s income.

Lee Jong-hyuk revealed the hardships he had experienced during their 12 years of marriage, and about how he wasn’t able to show happiness at the news of his wife’s pregnancy. “In these hard times, my wife became pregnant and so I was unable to congratulate and thank her. I think my wife was very disappointed. To make matters worse, my wife didn’t know she was pregnant and took strong medicine. In the end, she had to get an abortion.”

“On the way home from the hospital my wife cried a lot in the car,” Lee Jong-hyuk revealed as he showed his apologetic heart towards his wife.

Until now they’ve never revealed their wedding photos.



Lee Jong-hyuk appeared on KBS Cool FM “Lee Sora’s Music Square” as a cast member of the musical ‘Man Who Goes Through The Walls’. In the program, DJ Lee Sora asked, “It seems you were really popular before marriage. Were you a player?” Lee Jong-hyuk, embarrassed, replied “Wasn’t to the extent as players, just the same with normal man.”

A listener asked Lee Jong-hyuk the question, “You said that you are wife’s fool, when you find your wife is the scariest?” Lee Jong-hyuk answered, “Everytime.” He explained, “She always scary. The next day after she drunk is really scary,” then he laughed. He also added, “My wife is one of kind. She always supported me.”

DJ Lee Sora asked, “Say something lovely to your wife, who might’ve been watching us.” Lee Jong-hyuk showed his love with his deep soft voice, “I really love you.”

Lee Jong-hyuk’s Children



Lee Jong-hyuk and his wife have now been blessed with two lovely kids. Their oldest is Lee Taksu, and the youngest is Lee Junsu. They’ve often appeared on TV, as Junsu was a cast for “Dad! Where are We Going?” with his father, and in 2017, Taksu appeared as a fixed cast member on a children’s variety show on the kids channel ‘Tooniverse’, titled ‘Stress Free Zone: Send it Flying’.

In the program, Junsu is the only child who dared to slap his dad without getting scolded. Sometimes, watching their interactions, you wouldn’t know who is the dad or the son. The dad can be more childish than his son. “Dad! Where are We Going?” is a variety show where 5 fathers bring their sons for a mini-vacation without their mother. That leaves the fathers responsible for doing the cooking, washing them up, reading storybooks to them, etc.

On another occasion, Lee Jong-hyuk also shared a comical story about the time his sons watched his kiss scene. He said, “They have watched my performance. It was the musical ‘The Man Who Went Through The Wall’, and there was a kiss scene. I heard that they went to my wife afterward, and asked, ‘Are you okay with the kiss scenes? Don’t you get stressed?, which made me laugh.”

He was also asked if his sons dream of following his footsteps in acting. Lee Jong-hyuk coolly answered, “The older one does, kind of, but I can’t let him if he doesn’t have talent.”

The Funny Episode in Lee Jong-hyuk’s Family



On the February 3 broadcast of MBC’s new variety show “Daddy, Where Are You Going?” the film crew made a surprise visit to Lee Jong-hyuk’s place to deliver the mission task at6:30 am. When Lee Jong-hyuk’s wife opened the door, the film crew was immediately greeted by antique-looking furniture in a spacious living room.

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Lee Jong-hyuk greeted the cameras and staff with bed hair and casual clothes. As he got ready for the camping trip, the crew followed him inside his closet, which was overflowing from floor to ceiling with clothes, typical of an “actor’s closet.”



What also caught viewers attention was Lee Jong-hyuk’s son, Junsu, grabbing tightly to his father’s leg in an adorable fashion. In Junsu’s room, his mother and father showed their devotion to their son’s learning and play space with a big bookshelf full of books and a large desk.

In another program called ‘Questions You Can’t Avoid’, he got the word “Sophia Loren.” Sophia Loren is a beautiful Italian actress. Lee Jong-hyuk had said before that his wife looks like Sophia Loren.

Lee Jong-hyuk revealed, “Although my wife may not look exactly like Sophia Loren, I think my wife is cuter than Sophia Loren”, showing his affection for his wife.

Then, on the screen, a picture of his two cute sons and glamorous wife were revealed, drawing much attention.


In addition, Lee Jong-hyuk talked honestly about his gain in popularity from the drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity.’

He revealed, “Before the drama, I had never filmed for a commercial. It was half a joke and half truth when I said that I accepted the role because they had promised that I could be in a commercial. Writer Kim Eun Sook told me that if I take this role that I would probably be able to film in commercials.”

In ‘I’m Going To School’ on December 6th, Lee Jong-hyuk, Yoon Do Hyun and Nam Joo Hyuk visited Kangnam’s house. Later at night, as Lee Jong-hyuk was about to go home, the others asked him to just sleep there together, since they would have to go on a picnic with the class tomorrow morning, anyway.

Lee Jong-hyuk called his wife to inform about his sleepover, but his wife expressed her frustration and said,”But the kids are waiting for you. They keep asking ‘when will appa go home””. His son, Junsu, suddenly surprised everyone by saying through the phone,”Appa quickly ”.

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Upon hearing Junsu’s voice, Yoon Do-hyun asked,”Do you know who I am?”, which resulted in Junsu replying back that he didn’t know.

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