Want to cốt truyện something displayed on your PC while having a conversation on Skype? One of the best ways to bởi this is to cốt truyện a screen. Yet most users don’t learn how to vì chưng it as it sounds too technical & intimidating. We’ve good news in this article, we will discuss ways to mô tả screen on Skype. In addition lớn this, you can also record calls on Skype. Khổng lồ know what all software you can use khổng lồ record calls on Skype read our detailed article.

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Be it on Skype, Join.Me or GoToMeeting, you can share screens to lớn give control to others of your screen. Here are the steps to screen giới thiệu on Skype.

Steps To nói qua Screen On Skype When Using Windows

Skype interface for Windows và Mac is somewhat similar therefore, the steps to nội dung screen are alike.

However, if you not using Skype for Business account, you need lớn be on call first actually before sharing the screen. This means you cannot thiết đặt share screen on Skype if the điện thoại tư vấn is not in process.

Method to tóm tắt screen on Skype:

1. Open Skype.

2. Initiate a gọi by selecting the contact, & click on the phone icon present at the đứng top right corner. (You should have the latest version of Skype)

3. Next, click on the double square “Share Screen” option khổng lồ start sharing.


You will now be asked lớn confirm screen sharing. Click on the Start sharing button.

Alternatively, if the Recent Chats panel remains open during the video call, click horizontal three lines > More Options > giới thiệu screen option.


4. Once done, cốt truyện Screen interface will swap your điện thoại tư vấn screen, and automatic screen sharing will start with the person you are in gọi with.

In addition khổng lồ this, if you are using a PC with multiple screens, you can switch between screens by clicking on More Options or Screen Sharing Options.

To stop screen sharing, click the double-screen icon, & select Stop sharing.


Using these steps, you can vì audio screen sharing when using Skype on Windows.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable sharing a complete desktop, you can mô tả one application window. To mô tả an application window, follow the steps below:

During the Skype call, click on the giới thiệu screen button.You will now be asked lớn confirm screen sharing. To nội dung an application window, click on the drop-down menu, and choose the chia sẻ application window.Skype will now let you select the application you would like to share.Select the application and click on the Start sharing button.

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This way you can cốt truyện selected window applications while sharing screens on Skype. Lớn learn how to lớn delete Skype conversation read this in-depth article.

How lớn Start Screen Sharing During Skype Calls On Mac

If you are using Skype on macOS 10.15 Catalina, you can chia sẻ your screen on Skype. To bởi so, you will first need lớn grant access permission.

Usually, during a call, you get a notification asking for permission. However, if you missed it you can grant permissions by heading lớn Mac System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording. Here, grant access khổng lồ Skype.

Using these steps, you can nội dung screen on Skype on an ongoing điện thoại tư vấn when running it on macOS Catalina 10.15

How To chia sẻ Your Phone Screen On Skype

If you are one of those folks who like to do their stuff on-the-go and use Skype on game android or iPhone. You can share a screen during calls from these devices using the steps below:

To start screen sharing from your android or iPhone kiểm tra OS version you are running it on.

You should be running android 6.0 and above. For iPhone, iPad, và iPod touch you need to lớn run tiện ích ios 12 & higher.

Now, that you are running the supported version follow the steps to share the screen on Skype.

Open Skype – video clip call & screen sharing app.Select a liên hệ to start your call.Next, during the ongoing gọi tap three dots icon present at the bottom right corner lớn bring up the giới thiệu screen icon.
Here, tap Skype listing followed by the Start Broadcast button.You can now cốt truyện the screen on Skype.To stop sharing the screen, go back lớn Skype và tap Stop Broadcast option.

Using these steps, you will be able to giới thiệu the screen on Skype.

In addition khổng lồ these steps, if while using Skype for website on Chrome your video clip call changes to lớn an audio call remember Chrome only allows one output đầu ra at a time. This means when screen sharing on Skype is initiated your đoạn phim call will become an audio call. Once screen sharing is finished, the clip call will be back on.

Wasn’t it simple to share the screen on Skype? In addition to lớn this, there are other things also that you can vày on Skype. Checkout 7 Amazing things you should know about Skype.

Do leave us your phản hồi to let us know what you think about this feature. Using screen sharing you can make collaboration easy. This means you can nói qua your files with everyone on the call và without spending anything extra.