Marvel Heroes Collide in Civil War

While Avengers Disassembled started it all, and the likes of House of M & Secret Invasion certainly have their merits, Civil War is really the mega Marvel sự kiện of the 2000s. Hero vs Hero, Villains turned ‘Heroes,’ và answers lớn the age old question – Who would win in a fight: Captain America or Iron Man?

Whether we’re talking sales, attention, or sheer scale, Civil War was a watershed moment for event-driven comics (for better or worse). While it’s hardly the first ever sự kiện featuring tie-ins, Civil War marked the moment in the 2000’s were nearly every title was pulled into an event-specific plot. Don’t believe me? kiểm tra out the the official issue-by-issue reading order below compared to lớn House of M. Just a bit more… expansive.

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On vị trí cao nhất of all that, Civil War is the inspiration for the third Captain America Marvel movie, and the start of MCU Phase 3, featuring the crossover inclusion of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and just about every hero we’ve seen to lớn date.

Certainly makes for some interesting reading (with the help of a good guide khổng lồ navigate the continuity, of course). Below you’ll find my preferred order for the Civil War collected trades, followed by an issue by issue breakdown of every tie-in. As always, hope you enjoy! If you have questions or concerns, let me hear about it, or let’s talk on Twitter!


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Civil War Trade Reading Timeline

Civil WarAs I mention in the House of M reading guide, I prefer lớn read the main event mostly before the other collected trades. You can then fill in the details with the better tie-in trades as you see fit. That said, the events of later main sự kiện issues will clearly overlap many of the following trades. To lớn avoid this, I recommend using the below issue-by-issue reading guide. This way, you can bookmark your spot in any of the trades và feel lượt thích you’re reading one cohesive story.

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Civil War: Front LineOne of the best tie-in trades, but I would pay some attention to lớn the issue-by-issue breakdown as it relates to lớn the primary Civil War story arc. The linked trade collects all of the Front Line tie-in, but you can also buy the collection in two installments if you’ve already read part or something.Captain America: Civil WarIron Man: Civil WarThis trade collection gets mildly confusing for a couple reasons. 1) The description is dead wrong. It claims this trade also collects the Captain America Civil War issues, which is simply not true (for that you can see… you guessed it, the Captain America Civil War trade). 2) It includes Civil War: The Confession, conversations between Iron Man và Captain America after the war. This particular issue (which is a FANTASTIC one from Brian Michael Bendis và Alex Maleev) occurs deeper into Marvel continuity than the Civil War timeline should really include. I would recommend saving the issue until after you’ve read the next volume of Captain America và possibly also Iron Man.

Main Marvel Characters in Civil War

Below you’ll find reading orders for certain characters playing a prominent role in Captain America: Civil War, a major installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lưu ý that these reading orders are for the character’s entire history in the Marvel Universe, & not just their involvement in Civil War. For just Civil War, see the Marvel Unlimited issue by issue reading order below.

Captain America

Iron Man

Black Panther

Black Widow




Marvel Unlimited event Reading Order

The Road lớn Civil WarAmazing Spider-Man #529New Avengers: IlluminatiAmazing Spider-Man #530Fantastic Four #536 – #537Amazing Spider-Man #531Civil War: Opening Shot #1Stamford BombCivil War #1She-Hulk #8Black Panther #17Wolverine #42New Avengers #21X-Factor #8Civil War: Front Line #1Amazing Spider-Man #532The Act Passes / Sides Are ChosenCivil War #2Amazing Spider-Man #533Civil War: Front Line #2She-Hulk #9Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts #103New Avengers #22Blade #4Sensational Spider-Man #28X-Factor #9Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 – #13Opening ShotsCivil War: Front Line #3Heroes For Hire #1Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1 – #4Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts #104 – #105Cable và Deadpool #30Fantastic Four #538New X-Men #28 – #32Not direct tie-ins but connect lớn Storm’s events in đen Panther #18Black Panther #18Civil War: Frontline #4Daredevil #87Another indirect tie-in that explains Daredevil’s appearances during Civil WarCivil War: Choosing Sides #1Black Panther #19Iron Man #13Black Panther #20Civil War: Front Line #5Sensational Spider-Man #29 – #31WarCivil War #3Civil War #4Civil War: Front Line #6Cable & Deadpool #31 – #32Wolverine #43 – #45Captain America #22 – #23Civil War: Front Line #7Amazing Spider-Man #534Fantastic Four #539Black Panther #21 – #22Civil War: X-Men #1 – #4Heroes For Hire #2 – #3Ms. Marvel #6 – #8New Avengers #23 – #24Civil War: The ReturnCaptain America/Iron Man: Casualties of WarWolverine #46 – #47Black Panther #23Captain America #24Civil War: Front Line #8IntrospectionWolverine #48Fantastic Four #540Amazing Spider-Man #535Civil War #5Punisher War Journal #1Fantastic Four #541Civil War: War Crimes #1Civil War: Front Line #9Moon Knight #7 – #10Fantastic Four #542Amazing Spider-Man #536Iron Man #14Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14 – #16Blade #5Sensational Spider-Man #32 – #34Winter Solider: Winter Kills #1Final BattleAmazing Spider-Man #537Black Panther #24Punisher War Journal #2Civil War #6Punisher War Journal #3New Avengers #25Civil War: Front Line #10Civil War #7Black Panther #25ConclusionAmazing Spider-Man #538 – #539Fantastic Four #543Civil War: Front Line #11Ghost Rider #8Very loose tie-in so passable if you want to lớn get khổng lồ the real meat below.Captain America #25Civil War: Fallen Son #1 – #5Civil War: The Initiative #1Civil War: The Confession

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